Docie Warrior: Your 10 day guide to becoming a documentary filmmaker

Do you dream of crafting impactful documentaries but are intimidated by the complexities of the filmmaking process? Docie Warrior is your call to arms, a 10-day boot camp designed to transform you from a curious novice into a confident documentary filmmaker.

Docie Warrior is not just a guide; it’s a call to action, a community, and a promise. It’s the torch passed from one filmmaker to the next, illuminating the path to documentary storytelling excellence.

Becoming King: Becoming a true leader as seen from a black boy's eyes

After being a complicit bystander as his friend got bullied, 10 year old Aaron takes on the burden of leadership in a bid to rid the sacred playgrounds of Eastview Gardens from the blight of bullying; in the process growing to understand what it takes to be King.

Becoming King isn’t your typical leadership guide. It’s a raw and honest exploration of leadership forged in the heart of a child. This book isn’t about climbing corporate ladders; it’s about channeling your ambition to elevate others, inspired by the unexpected leadership lessons learned on the playground.